The National Forestry Council has issued an urgent call for Australians to use the country’s forests to make up for lost jobs, as it prepares for the start of an election campaign.

Key points:The council has warned of a looming recession and is calling for people to take a look at their local environmentThe National Forestry Centre (NFC) has been the subject of a federal inquiry into its staffing levelsIn the past year, there have been two major forest fires in the north-west, which have destroyed more than 800 hectares of forest in the region.

In a statement issued this week, the council said a number of factors, including the threat of bushfires and the global warming, were weighing on the jobs market.

“The council is calling on people to consider whether their local ecosystem and resources are at risk from the bushfires, bushfires-related infrastructure, or climate change,” the council’s director-general, Dr Michael Naughton, said.

“These are not just the impacts of climate change and bushfires that are impacting us, but the impacts that are being made on our environment as well.”

We have seen a number recent examples of communities and communities with limited capacity and resources to deal with the effects of climate disruption.

“As such, we have asked Australians to consider what options they have available and the potential impacts that will have on their livelihoods and their local ecosystems.”

This is a call for all of us to consider the impacts we are taking on and to think about how we can be more resilient.

“Key pointsThe council’s call comes as it is considering its first annual report to be released in six yearsThe report will look at the impact of bushfire and bushfire-related mitigation measuresIn 2016, the NSW Government issued a report warning about a global recession that was threatening jobs in the bushfire ravaged state.

In that report, it said there were already “over 200,000 jobs that could be lost in the timber industry” by 2020.

The council said that was still a significant number of jobs and that it was now “well into the 2020s” before the impact could be felt.”

In the last four years, there has been a significant impact on employment in the state of New South Wales,” the statement said.

The National Forest Council said it had been forced to reconsider its staffing numbers because of a lack of funding, with the number of workers at the agency dropping by almost half in the past 12 months.”

With the federal government and the State Government in a stalemate, the NCC needs additional funding to sustain the workforce and improve its processes, policies and processes to ensure its employees are ready to respond to the future challenges we will face,” the organisation said.

The NFC is currently staffed with a total of about 3,000 people.

The NFA has also said it needs about 5,000 more staff to staff its regional centres and regional forestry programs, while the regional forest service is in the process of hiring more staff.

The Federal Government has announced a budget of $7.5 billion over four years for regional forestry, including $4.5 million for the NFA.

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