By MICHAEL SAGANSource | Posted September 16, 2018 | 09:40:42The Texas Forestry Commission has approved a $1.1 billion contract to develop a $15.7 million winch to harvest trees on land owned by the Texas Department of Agriculture and Technical Education (TDAE).TDAe is owned by TDAE, which is the state’s largest agriculture corporation.

It was founded in 1865, when Texas was an independent nation.

TDAe’s land and buildings include the Texas State Capitol and the Texas Zoo.

TSAE also owns the Texas National Guard Armory, which has been home to the Guard since 1995.TDA, meanwhile, is an entity of the Department of Transportation, the State Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Commerce.TSAE officials say they have been working with the state since early 2019 to determine a winning design for the winch.

It would include a combination of a motorized winch that can be towed and towed away, an electrical drive system, a battery, and other electrical components.TAAE officials have said they are considering several options, including a trailer-mounted winch system.

The TDA’s winch design would be able to harvest a quarter of the annual tree canopy in the state, according to TDA officials.

That’s a huge step in the right direction for Texas’ trees.

It’s an example of the state taking a bold stance on forestry while also working with other stakeholders to preserve trees, the agency said in a statement.

The winch would be an integral part of TDAEs goal of creating the first state-of-the-art tree canopy on the Texas landscape, according the agency.

The winch will provide a viable, affordable alternative to the costly, manual methods of removing trees from the landscape, the TDA statement said.

The agency has said that the winched system would be used to remove and replace older, fallen trees.

TFAE officials said that would be a first for the state.TFAE is also developing a new type of winch for the Texas Army Corps of Engineers that would use a different, more advanced technology.

The new winch technology, called a solar-powered wind turbine, is expected to be completed in 2021.TTAE and TDA are working with state, federal, and private industry to develop the winching system.

TAAE is looking at options including a commercial winch and an electrical winch in addition to a winch used by TFAEs land managers, TDAEC officials said in their statement.