The Arizona Forest Services (AFS) announced today that no new wildfires have been reported on their property in the last three days.

The agency says it is working with local fire managers to develop a plan for mitigating the effects of the fires on public lands.

The announcement came just a day after the agency warned that a potential wildfire on public land is imminent.

A wildfire warning was issued for parts of the Phoenix-area on Friday, but the warning was later rescinded and the wildfire is now expected to remain on the Arizona National Forest.

A recent analysis by the Arizona Forest Resources Board found that the potential for fire is so high that it could destroy up to 1.5 million acres of public land.

The AFS announced today the agency had been working with Phoenix-based Fire Management District 6 to develop its plan to minimize the effects on the public and private lands of a wildfire on its property.

AFS President John Linn said the agency is working to ensure the safety of all its employees and public lands visitors.

The department is also working with the Phoenix area fire management district and the Phoenix Fire Department to identify any potential fire hazards to the public lands that could be addressed by a planned mitigation strategy.AFS has been working closely with Phoenix Firefighters, who are conducting extensive monitoring and assessing of the potential fire on the National Forest System.AFs public lands operations have been limited to two areas that have been identified by Fire Management as potential sites for wildfire.

The remaining areas of the Forest Service are open to the general public and open to all hunters and recreational users.

The agency said it is also continuing to assess the potential threat to the Arizona Air and Space Museum from a potential fire.