Posted September 01, 2018 05:15:17When the Government bought a bucket truck last year, the idea was that it would be the world’s first to go on sale in the UK.

But that plan was scrapped after the UK’s government’s Brexit negotiator, Boris Johnson, insisted that the UK needed to get a bucket, or something similar, out of the country first.

The government had originally proposed a deal to buy the bucket truck from a Canadian company called Truckin, which has a fleet of six trucking companies operating in China and Hong Kong.

That was to be the first of several offers, and then the government would consider its options for a second-generation truck.

The deal was not good enough.

After months of speculation about what the trucking company might be interested in buying, in October it was announced that Truckin had chosen to withdraw from the auction.

The decision was a big blow to the government’s efforts to bring the UK in line with the WTO.

When it came to picking a new bidder, it seemed obvious that the government wanted a truck that was capable of transporting freight and that was not a high-volume one.

However, the government also wanted a company that was well established, and the company Truckin was not.

The government also needed to have a bid in hand to negotiate an agreement with the company, which could then be submitted for approval by the WTO, which would give the government the authority to negotiate trade deals.

What did Truckin have in mind?

The company had been working with the Government to get its bucket truck on the market.

The truck was to have been built in Britain, with a British-built chassis, and it was to use British-made parts.

The government was also interested in having the truck used by farmers in the countryside.

The Government had also been seeking to buy its own tractor, but it was unclear whether the Government could obtain a British tractor from Truckin.

There were two other bidders who had shown interest in the truck.

One of those was the US company Navistar, which had offered to buy it, but the government said it would not be able to negotiate a deal.

Another bidder, the European company SAE, also had a bid, but this was rejected by the Government, saying that it did not have the necessary expertise and that it had not had a good understanding of the company.

But in the end, the Government made a decision to buy an American company, American Trucking Company.

American Trucking was built in Texas, which was the home of a large number of American-owned trucking firms.

It has a reputation as a firm that is very high-tech and well-educated.

It was a good fit.

The Government had not even considered the idea of selling the truck directly to the company that would build it, instead it would sell it to a consortium of companies who would build the truck on a factory site in South Dakota.

The US government had set a tender for the truck, and all the bids were placed in a short period of time.

The bid was not the end of the world, however.

The company that had bid on the truck would be allowed to make modifications to the truck that would enable it to carry more cargo and could make it much cheaper to operate.

In theory, this was the end for the bid, because it meant the Government was not obliged to buy any additional equipment to build the trucks.

But the Government did not want to buy more equipment.

The company that the Government had chosen for the project, American Barge and Dry Dock, was based in Texas and would have had to hire people to operate the truck for a long time, and that meant the truck was going to have to be run by people who did not speak English.

This was going against the government plan.

It would not have been possible for the Government’s tender to go through in such a short time.

It would have required the Government and the companies to come to a compromise.

This is where the idea for the government to use a bidding process was conceived.

For a number of years now, the UK has been negotiating trade deals with other countries.

In June 2018, the Brexit negotiating team announced that it was negotiating a trade deal with Canada, and there were talks between the Government of Canada and the British government about a deal with Australia, which is not in the EU.

It was not clear whether the government was still in the negotiating process.

Why did the government choose the US instead?

The US government wanted the truck because it had a large fleet of trucks in the United States, and because it is the only country that could supply it with the equipment needed to build its trucks. 

The US has been a major market for British exports for years.

There is a lot of demand for British products in the US. In fact