A new urban forest management plan will help U.N. officials better understand the health and sustainability of urban forests, including their potential to reduce carbon emissions and protect water quality, according to a U.F.O. report published Monday.

The report, published by the International Forest Institute (IFI), was based on research conducted by the Department’s Forest Resources Management Program.

The IFI, an international nonprofit group, has been working to develop new strategies to improve urban forest health and support sustainable development.

The new plan will guide how the department will manage forest lands across the country.

The Forest Resources Program will help the department better understand how to maximize economic benefits for forest users and the environment, according a department press release.

The department is currently developing a forest management framework that will guide the department in managing the land, and is seeking feedback from stakeholders.

The plan will be based on a UFOU framework developed by the IFI’s Urban Forestry program, which aims to create an integrated forest management program.

The framework was recently completed and is being used to plan and implement the UFOTM.

The UFOC is a new program to address the environmental and social impacts of urban forestry and urban forest operations.

The program is funded by U.K.-based Forest & Bird.

The city of Santa Clara, Calif., recently announced plans to expand the program to create jobs for the region.

The Santa Clara City Council approved $1.4 million to develop a new job training and workforce program for city employees, and $1 million to provide jobs for more than 100 employees who will work in the city’s urban forestry program.