A new study has estimated the cost of growing crops in a country where yields are already falling by about 30 percent.

The study by the University of NSW, which was released on Tuesday, found that while Australian growers are now able to grow enough food to meet demand, the supply of food is still low.

Key points:Researchers found a significant price gap between supply and demand in Australia’s agricultural sectorThe cost of crop seeds and fertilisers has jumped in recent years with farmers using more pesticides and other chemicalsThe study found a major gap between the price of seeds and fertilizer, with farmers relying on more pesticides in their fieldsThe researchers say that this means farmers can buy cheaper seeds and feed their animals more than they could with more conventional methods.

“It’s a big difference in the prices of seeds in Australia compared to other countries in the world,” study author Dr Mark Brown said.

“We found that in the past, there were many people who had purchased their crops in bulk and then used it in a small amount, then the price was very competitive.”

Now the price is going up by a lot, so the supply and the demand are actually quite different.

“He said the researchers’ research also found that farmers are using more chemicals than in the previous study.”

So when we were looking at how much the price changes with use of chemicals, it was quite surprising,” he said.

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