The AFL has revealed the next AFLWA logo, and the helmet it will be made out of.

The AFLWA said it had received a request from a manufacturer for a new logo and the first of the three helmets to be made is the Forestry Helmet.

The helmet will feature a striking red, white and blue pattern with a green outline.

“Forestry helmets are our best-selling merchandise in our sport and we know how popular they are,” AFLWA chief executive Andrew Pridham said.

“They are also the helmet of choice for AFLW and the AFLWA is delighted to partner with the industry on this iconic design.”

The Forestry helmet has been a favourite among AFL players for decades and was the only helmet made by the company during the 2014 season.

Frost said he had a few designs and had to go with the one he liked.””

It has just always been my go-to.”

Frost said he had a few designs and had to go with the one he liked.

“My helmet is so versatile, it can go in a variety of different shapes,” he said.

The Forestries helmet is a new addition to the AFLW, which has been in existence since 1996.

It was introduced to the competition after the AFL’s annual awards show in 2015, with the AFLPWA also nominated for the first time.

“The AFL is always looking to improve and innovate and it’s great to see the AFL recognise the importance of the industry in this country and the work it does,” AFLPWS chief executive Craig Burdett said.

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