The Forest Service has hired a “unbelieveable” new engineer, according to a report from Montanans for Environmental Stewardship.

The Forest Service announced Wednesday it hired Scott Lasswell, who previously worked for the Forest Service’s Bureau of Land Management and the Montana Department of Conservation and Tourism, to replace the retiring Bob Denton.

Lasswell’s new position is to develop software and hardware for the Interior Department’s Montana Excadators program, which manages land for logging, grazing, and recreational use.

The agency has not announced a specific timeline for the launch of the Montana program, and Denton said Wednesday he would not be commenting on the job.

Denton, the former Montana governor and current Montana U.S. senator, said in a statement that he had “serious concerns” about the hiring, but did not elaborate.

Dental work and medical services have been among the most pressing areas of concern for Denton and the Forest Services.

In an interview with MontananTV on Wednesday, Denton expressed hope that the Montana project would be completed this year, noting that the program’s success has “really, really surprised” him.

Montana is the only state in the U.K. that has a timber industry, and the timber industry employs more than 100,000 people, according the U, but its main industries include agriculture and timber shipping.

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The Montana program was created in 2013 and has managed a combined total of about 11.7 million acres of land in Montana, according its website.

Dentons office said the new engineer will help design and develop software to support the Montana excavator.

The announcement was first reported by the Montana Observer.