Posted April 04, 2020 08:01:30A beautiful, thoughtful gift to our family has been sent to us from Bahrain.

The family is grateful to have received it from our local friends, who sent it by courier from Bahrain via our post office.

They are all very thankful to us for the kindness and care that has gone into sending the parcel.

We are all over the world now and have the opportunity to visit and meet many people from different parts of the world.

Bahraini children are learning English at a very early age, and many have been learning English since they were born.

As they grow up, they have to pass exams and do many schoolwork in order to get to a good school.

Many of them have also been teaching their children Arabic and English, so we know that they are going to learn a lot of new languages and have a better chance of getting a good job.

I am sure that their education will be improved by the gift that they have received, and they will grow up to be proud of their family, and a better example for their children.

It is a beautiful gift, and the children are very grateful.

Bahrain is a country of about 50 million people.

Its economy is very stable, and it is a very prosperous country, with a lot to offer to the world, including a lot more jobs.

But the problem is that it is also a very poor country, and so the average monthly salary is only about 1,000 Bahrainis ($1.90).

Most of the people who are receiving the gifts have already made enough money to be able to support their families and the other people they work with.

The Bahraini government is very concerned about the welfare of its citizens, so it is trying to do everything to improve the lives of its people.

It has set up many programmes to make sure that the poor are given a good start in life.

This year, the government has introduced several new measures to improve conditions for the poor.

Among them is the provision of free, high quality food, to help the poor get their daily necessities.

A similar programme has been introduced for the unemployed.

For those who work hard to pay their bills, they can now get a monthly pension.

And for those who are not able to pay, the Government has introduced a special pension scheme for those in debt.

Most people in Bahrain are poor, and people who work very hard can make a good living, but there are also many who can’t.

So when they hear that the Government is giving away a beautiful, lovely gift to them, they are very happy.

Their generosity is inspiring and makes them very proud of the country they live in, and of the Government.