The USDA is still searching for its next forest cutter.

In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow and House Agriculture Committee Chairman Jim Jordan both issued statements Tuesday that urged the Agriculture Department to make an offer of employment to someone who wants the job.

The department has been scrambling to find new jobs as it recovers from the Great Recession.

The government has made about 50,000 openings since the government shutdown, and it has been slow to fill the positions.

Some have been empty for months, while others have been filling for months.

The USDA has had to hire more than a thousand forest cutter applicants, and has been interviewing candidates from the U.S. and abroad for the jobs.

The agency also has been hiring more than 500 seasonal workers for seasonal jobs.

These are people who are seasonal workers and they don’t have the same job responsibilities that some of the seasonal workers have.

The Department of Agriculture is still looking for new forest cutter positions in the Southeast, and that means hiring seasonal workers who don’t fit the traditional seasonal roles.

The positions are in remote locations.

They are also in areas with poor fire management practices and no public lands, and in remote areas with little or no public access.

We also need to find people who can fill the seasonal roles, especially if they are people of color.

If you are an African-American or Latino or Native American or Pacific Islander, we need to see you, Mr. Jordan said.

The Agriculture Department is still trying to find a permanent position for a forest cutter and its job seekers.

It needs to find more than one job for every position it can.

If the agency does not find a replacement for someone who is an applicant, the agency will hire another forest cutter to fill that position.

It’s also looking for a new forest supervisor to fill one of the vacant positions.

If this is not a permanent job, it is not an offer to replace the person who has the most work experience.

If a person is not eligible, we’ll find someone who does have a reasonable chance of being able to fill a job.

It may be difficult to find the right person, but it is possible.

The National Forest Foundation said that there are about 50 Forest Service seasonal forest cutter jobs available for people of African American or Latino heritage in the United States.

The Forest Service does not have a permanent replacement for these jobs.

I think that it is a good idea for the Department of the Interior to consider offering a job to somebody who is a Forest Service cutter, Mr