Forestry Minister Bob Bell has said he will not renew the Baileys Forestry Supply Agreement with the Baillies, and is stepping down from his role.

The minister was speaking on Friday when he confirmed he had signed off on the contract extension, and he was not immediately available for comment.

The announcement comes just days after forestry minister Bob Bell announced he would not renew a lucrative Forestry Supply Contract with the Queensland-based company, despite having held the role for over seven years.

Mr Bell, who was in the bush on Friday, announced he was stepping down in order to take on a “sabbatical”.

“The last few weeks have been a challenging time for me and for the Forestry Industry and I have been given a lot of support by the Forestry Ministers team and the community,” Mr Bell said in a statement.

“It’s now time for a sabbatical so I will spend the next few weeks with family and friends to reflect and consider the future.”

It is my sincere wish that this decision will bring us all closer together and that we all continue to work hard to deliver for our community.

“Forestry Minister Bob Hall and his predecessor Bob Bailey are expected to be the next government, and it is believed that Mr Bell and Mr Bailey will take on similar portfolios.

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