By James PrenticeWhen should you go to the forestry school?

The answer depends on whether you want to be an apprentice or an experienced professional.

An apprentice in the Forestry Electrical Engine program is trained to operate a variety of electrical equipment and is often the first person to reach the industry’s top-rated positions.

The degree can take a student as young as 12 years old.

The Electrical Engineering Program is a four-year degree and involves a year of teaching and four years of working in the industry.

To earn the Forestry Engineering Degree, students must have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and demonstrate that they have the right skills to be a skilled electrician.

“It is a three-year program that builds a foundation in electrical engineering and the electrical engineering apprenticeship,” Ms Niekamp said.

“The key to an electrical engineer is the knowledge of the different types of electrical systems and how they work.”

There are some very interesting opportunities and we are always looking to expand our program so more people can be trained.

“The Electrical Engineer program is currently only available to students from Queensland.

The Forestry Electrical Engineering program is the third largest program in Queensland and is one of the most widely recognised in the State.

It has a focus on apprenticeship opportunities and apprenticeships are held in Queensland in remote locations and in regional and remote communities across the State with the primary focus on developing the knowledge and skills required to become an electrical engineers apprentice.”

We’ve got apprenticeships at many different locations across the state and we work with apprentices in a variety and different areas,” Ms Bischoff said.

Ms Niekrs experience in the electrical industry has also helped her to develop the skills needed to be able to help others in the electricity industry.”

You need a good working knowledge of a number of different electrical products, so when you have the time and the confidence you can help others understand the different products they are working with,” she said.

She said the main areas of work for the Forestry Electric Engineering apprenticeship included:The electrical engine’s electrical components, wiring and switches are tested by the apprentice to ensure that they meet the industry standard, as well as making sure that they are operating correctly.”

Our apprentices are also in a position to assess and repair the electrical engines so that we can make sure that the electrical engine is working properly and the wiring and the switches are working properly,” Ms Pyle said.

There are a range of different types and sizes of electrical engines, ranging from small to large.”

What we do is we look at each of the electrical items and if they have a different problem or if they’re not performing as well, we’ll look at them, and then we’ll fix it,” Ms Cramer said.

While the electrical engineer may not be a highly skilled electricians work, she does have a lot of experience in helping others.”

I’ve been at the company for five years, so I know what a problem they are having and I can see where they are coming from and I help them out and I’m a bit of a mentor and it’s a great thing to have to go and work with,” Ms Dyer said.

In the Electrical Engineering Department at University of Queensland, Ms Dyran said the program has become the “next-generation of apprenticeships” in the Electrical Engines Department.”

They are getting more and more people into the electrical engineers apprenticeship.

The Electrical Engineering students are really excited about it, so it’s really exciting,” Ms Fenton said.

It’s also been proven that electrical engineers do have an important role in the community.”

A lot of the students we have are from disadvantaged backgrounds, so we get them through this program to go onto a better life,” Ms Kinsler said.

For more information on the Electrical Engineer Program, please visit the Electrical Engineers page on the University of Qld website.

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