A lumber company is hiring for a new position, and the hiring manager is trying to recruit someone from the public.

The job posting, which has since been removed, includes an interesting section: “Please consider this position to work on our long-range projects.

This position requires a combination of technical skills and leadership ability.

This is a very high level position, so if you are a student or have a strong background in your field, you are welcome to apply.

Please be courteous and polite when applying.

Thank you.”

The posting is part of a growing list of companies and people using social media to advertise their lumber projects, including one that has been running since late last year.

The posting says that the position is “an opportunity to work with the company’s project team in Alaska, as well as work with a small team in the Portland area, to support their operations.”

The Oregon-based company that’s hiring the job is called North Cascades Forest Products, and it’s hiring for jobs in two areas: long-term timber projects and timber processing.

This article has been updated to include information about the position.

Ars Technic’s Matt Flegenheimer reached out to North Cabs, but has not yet received a response.

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