A fall snowstorm is a reality for many Canadians, and the number of reported cold-weather related deaths in the province is on the rise.

But if you want to avoid frostbite, remember these tips for the perfect winter.


Take your time Getting a bit out of the house is key to surviving the winter, and getting a bit of exercise can help.

If you’re going for a walk, try to keep your steps to less than 10 metres per hour, or your heart rate to a maximum of 70 beats per minute.

Also, make sure you’re getting at least 15 minutes of rest between walks.


Don’t go for a run The winter season is full of snow and ice, so make sure that you’re not heading out for a nice run or jog on the icy roads.


Wear warm clothes and winter jackets This winter is especially tough for the cold weather, so wear warm clothes.

If it’s a chilly day in the house, consider wearing a coat over a long-sleeved jacket, and a long, long-skirt sweater or jacket.


Make sure your air conditioning is on If you need to go outside in the winter and you’re looking to keep warm, you’ll need a decent air conditioner.

Consider a heater that can keep your home in the 30 to 60 degree range, and you can also consider purchasing a ventilated roof.


Keep your tools handy You may need to haul your tools home or carry them around with you during the winter.


Don-the-grace your kids Don’t forget to make sure your children are well-behaved, too.

If they don’t follow your instructions, the problem is much more likely to happen to them, so take them out to the playground or other areas where they’ll be safer.


Be mindful of your belongings This winter, many items are heavier and more expensive than normal, so it’s always good to keep them in a bag, on a shelf or in a safe place.


Get out on the trails and trails are always open Make sure you are always prepared for the winter by taking your hiking shoes off at the trailheads, and wear gloves.

You can also wear gloves while skiing, but remember to not wear them while hiking.


Use the winter as a chance to get out into nature If you don’t plan on hiking in the woods, then you can use the winter to get outdoors and enjoy the natural environment, too, but do make sure to be cautious.


Use your outdoor equipment to your advantage Get a good map and compass, but don’t rely on them too much, especially if it’s your first time out in the cold.

It’s better to know the direction and height of the trails ahead, as well as the path that you will take.

If in doubt, you can always turn around and hike in the opposite direction.


Be careful around other people Use caution when approaching strangers in public places, especially when people are walking around in their snow gear.

If a stranger approaches you and tries to give you a hug, turn around.

If the stranger continues to wave at you, make your way away.


Don.t forget to take your medicine You may have noticed that there are more winter weather events occurring than normal in Canada, and if you’re feeling stressed, you may not want to take the necessary medication, especially for the most common colds like chills and runny noses.

If there’s an emergency, get to the hospital as quickly as possible.


Take the opportunity to get away for a few days Take some time away from the house and make a time to get some distance away from people.

Make the most of your day by getting out for walks and picnics.


Use ice to soften up your body If you are experiencing some discomfort or cold symptoms, it’s important to warm up your skin to the point where you can tolerate it.

Try to get yourself to a warm temperature, then apply a few drops of ice to the cold spots.


Get plenty of rest and hydration If you aren’t feeling well and are feeling out of it, take a few minutes to sit down, stretch and hydrate your body.


Make yourself more attractive If you have any concerns about how others will see you, consider taking off your clothing and exposing yourself to the sun, rather than hiding in your car.


Be creative with your ice If you find yourself feeling too cold to get outside and enjoy nature, try out some creative ideas, such as ice sculptures.

If your plan doesn’t work out, you could always try using ice for an ice sculpture.


Plan your visit and leave an impression The winter weather is always a busy time, and when you leave your house for a long period of time, the weather can change.

You may be thinking, “This is going to be a lot of fun, but