Forestry PPG has removed a firewood licence for an area of a forestry range which was found to have contained a significant quantity of firewood, after the fire was discovered to have been in the wrong spot.

The PPGs management said it was satisfied with the removal of the licence, which was issued by the Forestry Commissioner on November 21.

“The management is pleased with the outcome of this matter and is satisfied that the licence is no longer valid,” a statement said.

A Forestry Commissioner spokesman said the licence was issued to the Forestry Reserve Limited for the purpose of providing forestry services in the area.

“The licence was granted on the basis of the permit holder’s intention to supply firewood to the timber industry.”

After an assessment, the Forestry Commission decided that the application should be rescinded,” he said.

The Forestry Reserve has a management agreement with the Forest Service and has been operating for over 100 years, he said, but the licence would not have been valid if the forest service had not granted it.

Forestry PPG issued a warning to a forestry licence holder on November 15, saying the licence holder was “under no obligation” to maintain the licence and had breached its terms and conditions.

But a week later, Forestry PPS issued a statement saying the Forestry Authority had decided to remove the licence from the PPG and Rangefinder.

Its management agreement states:”PPG management is under no obligation to maintain any forestry licence and will not undertake any undertaking to do so.”

It also says that “the licence holder must provide the Forestry Department with a full and correct declaration as to the type of timber they have harvested”.

It adds that the Forest Minister “has been contacted by the forestry licence applicant and requested to liaise with PPG management on this matter”.

It is the first licence issued for the Forestry Service’s Forestry Reserve, which has a population of about 1,400. “

As of the date of issue, the licence has not been used for the timber supply of the forestry industry,” the spokesperson added.

It is the first licence issued for the Forestry Service’s Forestry Reserve, which has a population of about 1,400.

Mr O’Connor said the Forestry Minister would liaise closely with PPS management on the issue and was committed to providing a “favourable outcome”.

“It’s a very positive development and we look forward to a smooth resolution, but there is still a lot of work to do, especially in terms of ensuring the safety of people, especially at this time of year when people are looking for work,” he told

Fisheries Minister Scott Morrison said the government was aware of the situation and was working with the Forestry Agency to ensure it was resolved.

He said the minister had spoken to the forestry department and had “not seen any issues that were preventing them from working with PPs”.

Mr Morrison said PPS was working to find a “safe, viable and sustainable source of supply” for timber, and he was also working with local authorities.