Share this article Share A program called the “forest grants” program aims to buy a little water in a lot of places across the US, a move that could help to combat climate change and save lives.

The project was announced last week by the US Forest Service and will be funded through the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service Conservation Fund.

It will use the funds to purchase 1.4 million cubic yards of water for every person in the United States over the next three years. 

According to the Forest Service, the program will buy water to cover water supplies in areas where the amount of water in use is too high and where the cost of providing the water is too low.

The program has already purchased nearly 2 million cubic yard’s worth of water from farmers and other groups, and it’s expected to purchase even more water this year. 

“We are proud to be partnering with the US Forestry Service Conservation Program to help save lives and protect our forests,” the Forest Services chief said in a statement. 

The Forest Service is currently working with the state of Washington and other partners to purchase water from private sources, but the program could be expanded if there is demand, said Robert L. Fetter, the chief of the US National Forests. 

This program is part of the Forest Conservation Grant Program.

The Forest Service says it is the largest water purchase program in the country. 

It’s the first of its kind and one of the first to be funded by the federal government. 

Forest grants are part of a larger effort to use tax dollars to pay for infrastructure projects.

For example, the Forest Corps, a federal agency, recently spent more than $1 billion to buy flood-proof fencing in the U.S. And last year, the Obama administration announced a $15 billion project to purchase a million cubic feet of water per person for every household in the state. 

What’s more, the USGS’s website says that the program is also meant to be used to help farmers in drought-stricken areas. 

There are a number of programs, such as the National Parks Conservation Program, which allows people to purchase permits to plant trees in protected areas.

In its announcement, the UFS said the program would be a model for the future, but noted that more water could be bought to buy in the future. 

“[The] program will help us ensure that our forests remain healthy and resilient, and we will work to expand this program so it can be used in other areas as well,” the statement said.