Vermont, Florida – Beware of urban forestry contractors looking to hire you, and beware of the fact that their work is done on behalf of the timber industry, said the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the U.S. forestry sector employed 2.1 million people in 2016. 

And that figure doesn’t even include the contractors hired by companies such as Dow Chemical and Goretex. 

The Vermont Chamber’s Mark Siegel said the urban forestry industry’s workforce is comprised of about 50 percent urban workers, and only 5 percent rural workers. 

“The urban forestry sector employs roughly the same number of workers as the lumber industry,” said Siegel.

“They’re just less paid and that’s really concerning.”

Siegel said that while cities can hire urban forestry workers, many rural workers are more likely to find employment in the industry. 

Siegel believes the urban forests are a great source of labor for the industry because the industry can get the same quality of work done in a rural setting. 

Vermonters also get to work with a large variety of wood products and tools, such as cutting boards, lumber jacks, cutlery, jigs, saws, and more.

Siegel noted that the Vermont forestry industry is an important part of a community.

“The Vermonters have a great deal of pride in the city of Vermont and they’re very involved in the community,” he said. 

It’s also the second-largest forest employer in the country, according to the Vermonter’s Chamber. 

But that doesn’t mean Vermont residents have the highest expectations.

Snyder said it’s important to remember that the urban forest industry is not a new industry.

“There have been urban forestry companies for a very long time,” he explained. 

In the 1920s, a number of small forest companies were established in rural communities across the country. 

Today, many urban forests have a lot of employees who are mostly involved in forestry. 

According to Siegel, the city is well-positioned to grow the industry in Vermont because of its proximity to many of the city’s major commercial areas.

“Vermont has a great opportunity for growth because it has a strong timber industry,” he continued. 

With the state of the economy and the region’s changing demographics, the Vermont Chamber of Industry has made it their mission to help the city expand the forest industry.

The Vermmont Chamber is a statewide association of approximately 1,200 businesses in the Vermilion, Orange, and Osceola Counties. 

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