Nintendo has just announced a new Minecraft Farm to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition.

Minecraft: Switch Edition is an online multiplayer version of the original game, with the addition of a new and highly-detailed world that lets players craft tools, mine resources, build homes and more.

This is Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, but with a new world and gameplay mechanics.

Here’s how Minecraft: Minecraft: Home Edition will look like on Switch:You’ll be able to craft items from your tools, harvest resources, harvest the resources that you harvest, and build your own homes.

In addition to crafting, you’ll also be able edit your home and tweak its exterior and interior design.

You can build your home in two dimensions by placing blocks on top of each other and dragging them into place.

The game will be fully destructible, but it will take time to clean up after your house.

Minecraft on Switch Edition will also feature a more expansive story mode and some new features that make it feel more like a game.

The Minecraft: Farm Edition will be priced at $19.99 on Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Switch.

You’ll have to be an active Nintendo user to get this one, but you’ll get access to a free trial period before it becomes available.

The Switch version will be available for pre-order from October 15th, while the PC version will go on sale from October 18th.

You will need an active account to purchase Minecraft: Pokémon GO Farm Edition, but that will work for all other versions of Minecraft.