Cali Oregon Coast Forest Forest Fire prevention will take a new look this summer, with a focus on training firefighters and identifying ways to reduce risks.

The effort, which is still being developed, will include a series of events over the next three months to test the firefighting techniques and respond to potential disasters, officials said in a release.

A large portion of the Cali Coast Forest will be dedicated to training firefighters, and firefighters will be required to work under conditions of extreme drought, heat and wind, the release states.

The plan also calls for a new system of training and certification that will provide firefighters with “critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are critical for the protection of the state and its communities.”

As the first wildfire in the nation to hit California’s Coast Range, the Cal-Oregon Fire season began last year and the fire season has been burning for more than a month.

The fire has destroyed more than 4,000 homes and destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property.

Officials are concerned that the fire may be exacerbated by climate change, with wildfires burning in the central U.S. and Europe burning in cooler, wetter regions.