Modern forestry candles can make you smarter, researchers report.

A new study by University of British Columbia researchers found that modern forestry trees are much smarter than their wood counterparts.

“Modern forestry trees, particularly those that are made from wood, are much more intelligent than those that have been traditionally made from trees,” the researchers wrote in the study.

“We found that even when they’re made from other materials, such as wood, they are much less intelligent than their predecessors.”

Researchers found that the intelligence of modern forestry tree stems, branches, and branches varied widely.

The research was published in the journal Biological and Life Sciences.

In the study, the researchers examined a variety of different forest species, including wood and grasses.

The researchers also measured the amount of intelligence among these trees, as well as their tree growth rates.

The study found that these forests were “much more intelligent” than their wooden counterparts.

Trees are actually smarter than we think, the study said.

“Our results indicate that modern forests are more intelligent and more intelligent in some ways than the wood they replaced,” lead researcher Jennifer Reis said in a statement.

“And that may not just be due to the intelligence that trees can produce from their own roots, which could be another reason for the intelligence.”

This new research suggests that trees may not be just better at producing intelligent fruit.

They may also be smarter than other living things.

“The more intelligent you make the tree, the less it is affected by the environmental effects of the environment, such that it doesn’t have to worry about things like climate change or pests,” the study’s authors wrote.

“This may explain why trees seem to produce so many smarter offspring, which is not surprising given the importance of the forest to the ecosystem.”