A new way of making the perfect pizzas is about to hit the market, with the launch of a new pizza-making technique.

Forestry Tree Farm in Oxford, Mississippi, is developing a method that uses the same principles as traditional wood-fired pizzas, but which is also easy to build and can produce up to a dozen dozen pizzas at a time.

The farm has been testing the technology on a batch of its pies for more than a year, using only wood-fire cooking and wood-pulp production.

A team of about 15 people work on a project, working together with a wood-cutter to make an initial batch of the pies.

“It’s not just about making a pizza,” said Chris Dominguez, a partner at Forestry Tree Farms.

It’s about making it sustainable.

The process uses a combination of traditional methods and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create the final product.

The pies are made with wood-grained dough and a mixture of olive oil, olive oil and water.

The pies are then baked in a hot oven at 350 degrees Celsius.

After a day or so, the dough is removed from the oven and a few pieces of cheese, basil and pepper are used to form the base of the dough.

The cheese and pepper blend together to make a thick, creamy sauce that is then simmered in a pan of water and tomato paste.

The final product is then cooked at 350°C for another 24 hours to make it a bit firm.

The process takes between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on the complexity of the pizza.

One of the biggest challenges for this new method is how to cut and shape the cheese, Domingues said.

“We’ve always been a big believer in the simplicity of the whole process,” he said.

There are many different ways to cut cheese, but Domingos said the most common way is to use a cutting blade.

He says it can be difficult to get the right shape to the knife blade.

“There are times when it’s just not cutting,” he explained.

As the process progresses, the technique becomes increasingly more complicated, with more complex shapes being formed.

The farm has partnered with the University of Mississippi to develop the new method, using an advanced machine called a rotary tool.

The team is also looking to develop an electric cutting machine to produce the final pizzas.

While the traditional wood burning method produces a solid mass of dough, the process uses the wood pulp to create a dense foam that can be used for shaping.

The foam can be shaped into various shapes. 

The foam can also be used to add texture to a pizza.

The Farm’s first batch of pies are due out in mid-March, with deliveries starting in August.