Treehouses, also called forest homes, are typically built of lumber, concrete, or a combination of the two.

In the case of a tree house, the material is recycled by using the wood itself as a material to build a wooden frame, which then is used as a platform for the wood to rest on.

Treehouses can also be used as indoor or outdoor structures.

The design and construction of treehouses vary greatly depending on the size and the amount of wood used, but most are constructed using a combination on top of a building.

Here are the steps to building a tree-based forest home:1.

Cut the trees off the tree and use them as a base to build the frame2.

Build a structure out of the trees3.

Hang the structure from the tree frame4.

Put a window on top5.

Use the trees as insulation for the frame6.

The tree houses can be built anywhere and can be used for several different purposes: as a house, a tent, a living space, a shed, a kitchen, and a storage space.1.

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